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Shottle Run Test

The Shottle Run Test

Everyone in the Netherlands is familiar with the official Shuttle Run Test that pupils have to complete as part of their high school P.E. program. Pupils run from one side of the gym hall to the other side in a certain amount of time. The other side has to be reached before the next "beep". The time between each beep is slowly shortened and shortened, and pupils stop when they feel like they can't anymore. This test is designed to measure a pupil's stamina.

In the Shottlerun Test, designed for students rather than pupils, we not only measure stamina, but also drinking capacity. The distance that a student has to run in between two beeps is much shorter: From the bar in the Noordkantine to the opposing glass wall, and back. Don't be fooled by the short distance though, because every beep, a shot of beer must be taken at the bar before you're allowed to run. The Shottlerun Test is a showdown between several students, where the goal is to reach a better tier than the other students. Are you ready to battle your fellow students?

Bring your best sports clothes and thirst! First beers on the house. I don't really know how many budget we have but at a certain moment we probably have to start paying for our fitness.

From 6 Mar, 2024, 16:00
Until 6 Mar, 2024, 21:00
Location Noordkantine
Organisers Board 2023-2024

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