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Course code Name Categories Available documents
NWI-IBC035 Academic Writing for CS Bachelor, Computing Science 0
NWI-NM048B Advanced Machine Learning Computing Science, Master 0
NWI-IMC050 Advanced Network Security Master 2
NWI-I00032 Advanced Programming Computing Science, Master 3
NWI-IBC027 Algorithms and Data Structures Bachelor, Computing Science 26
NWI-IBK008 Architectuur in de Digitale Wereld Bachelor, Information Sciences, Other 2
NWI-IBC033 Bachelor Thesis (12ec) Bachelor, Computing Science 0
NWI-IMC012 Bayesian Networks Computing Science, Master 8
NWI-IBC036 Big Data Computing Science, Bachelor 4
NWI-IBC017 Calculus and Probability Theory Bachelor, Computing Science 12
NWI-NM048D CDS: Machine Learning Computing Science, Master 0
NWI-IMC036 Co-algebra Master 1
NWI-IBC016 Combinatorics Bachelor, Computing Science 14
NWI-IBC028 Complexity Bachelor, Computing Science 16
NWI-WM072B Complexity Theory Computing Science, Master 3
NWI-IBC003 Computability Bachelor, Computing Science 9
NWI-IBC025 Computation models Bachelor, Computing Science 5
NWI-IMC039 Cryptographic Engineering Computing Science, Master 1
2DMI00 Cryptographic Protocols Computing Science, Master 2
NWI-TRUE02 Cryptology Computing Science, Master 1
NWI-IPC024 Databases Bachelor, Computing Science 5
NWI-IBI008 Data Mining Bachelor, Computing Science, Information Sciences 16
NWI-IBC029 Functional Programming 1 Bachelor, Computing Science 13
NWI-IBC030 Functional Programming 2 Bachelor, Computing Science 11
NWI-WP021 Group Theory 1 Other 6
NWI-WP022 Group Theory 2 Other 4
NWI-IPC025 Hacking in C Bachelor, Computing Science 6
NWI-IMC001 Hardware Security Computing Science, Master 1
NWI-I00036 ICT and Society 1 Bachelor, Computing Science, Information Sciences 0
NWI-IPC031 Imperative Programming Computing Science, Bachelor 44
NWI-IPC019 Information Modelling Bachelor, Computing Science 4
NWI-I00041 Information Retrieval Computing Science, Information Sciences, Master, Other 14
NWI-IBC020 Information Systems Bachelor, Computing Science 4
MAN-BKV39 Innovation Management Bachelor, Information Sciences, Other 0
NWI-IMC037 Intelligent Systems in Medical Imaging Computing Science, Master 0
SOW-BKI125 Introduction AI for Computing Science Computing Science, Bachelor 14
NWI-IBC023 Introduction to Cryptography Bachelor 12
SOW-BKI115A Introduction to Robotics Bachelor, Computing Science 0
MAN-BCU322A Knowledge Management Bachelor, Information Sciences 0
NWI-IPC002 Languages and Automata Bachelor, Computing Science 20
NWI-IBC037 Law for CS Bachelor, Computing Science 2
NWI-IMC006 Law in Cyberspace Master 0
NWI-IPI004 Logic and Applications Computing Science, Information Sciences, Bachelor 1
NWI-IMC030 Machine Learning in Practice Computing Science, Master 0
NWI-IPC020 Mathematical Structures Bachelor, Computing Science 13
NWI-IPC017 Matrix Calculation Bachelor, Computing Science 11
NWI-IMC042 Natural Computing Computing Science, Master 0
NWI-IBC021 Networks and Distributed Systems Bachelor, Computing Science 11
NWI-IBC022 Network Security Bachelor, Computing Science 4
NWI-IBC031 New Devices Lab Bachelor, Computing Science 0
NWI-IPI005 Object Orientation Bachelor, Information Sciences, Computing Science 12
NWI-IBK004 Onderhandelen en Veranderen Bachelor, Information Sciences 2
NWI-IBC019 Operating Systems Bachelor, Computing Science 10
NWI-IBC034 Operating Systems Security Bachelor, Computing Science 6
MAN-BCU007 Organisation Theory Other 1
NWI-IBC042 Parallel Computing Computing Science, Bachelor 3
2IMS25 Principles of Data Protection (TU/e) Master 1
NWI-IBC038 Privacy and Identity Bachelor, Computing Science 3
NWI-IPC006 Processors Bachelor, Computing Science 11
NWI-IPC030 R&D: Project Computing Science, Bachelor 0
NWI-IBI010 Reflectie & Beroepsoriëntatie Bachelor, Computing Science, Information Sciences 0
NWI-IPC023 Requirements Engineering Bachelor, Computing Science 3
NWI-IBI007 Research Methods 1 Bachelor, Computing Science, Information Sciences 3
SOW-CWM4037 Research Methods 2 Computing Science, Master 1
NWI-IMC044 Research Seminar Data Science Computing Science, Master 1
NWI-IPC021 Security Bachelor, Computing Science 39
NWI-IMC053 Security in Organizations Computing Science, Master 10
NWI-IBC026 Semantics and Correctness Bachelor, Computing Science 7
NWI-IBI001 Software Engineering Bachelor, Computing Science, Information Sciences 2
NWI-IBC024 Software Verification Bachelor, Computing Science 7
NWI-IMC056 Statistical Machine Learning Computing Science, Master 0
MAN-BCU321 Systeemtheorie Bachelor, Information Sciences, Other 2
NWI-IMC043 System Development Computing Science, Master 0
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining Computing Science, Master 0
2IF02 Verification of Security Protocols (TU/e) Computing Science, Master 6
NWI-IPC026 Web Security Bachelor, Computing Science 4