Program Committee

The Program Committee (PC) is responsible for giving advice concerning education and exam regulations, that have to be approved every year, and evaluate the quality of education. The PC consists of six students and six teachers. The PC considers both course evaluations and teacher's reactions to those, and evaluates the quality of the courses. They also give advice, even unsolicited, to the Director of Education and dean.

The PC meets every month and works with, but independently from the Board of Directors. Together, students and teachers think about education in order to improve its quality for everyone. The PC has their own page at Radboudnet. You can also read more about the students that take place in the PC on their Facebook page.

Faculty Student Council

The Faculty of Science has their own student participation organ that concerns itself with matters that are important to our faculty. This ranges from an expension of the computer rooms to more lenient opening hours to changes concerning education. The Faculty Student Council is open for all suggestions that have anything to do with our faculty. Whether you think there is not enough space in the bicycle parking lots or that you did not get enough time on your exams due to the procters, the Faculty Student Council tries to tackle all problems and make sure that the Faculty of Science remains the best faculty at our university. You can read more about the Faculty Student Council here.

University Student Council

The University Student Council (USC) is concerned with all issues that concern the entire university. One could think of the opening hours of the university library or the renting of rooms for student organizations. The USC consists of fourteen members. Eight are chosen by students and the other six represent different student organizations from the university. You can read more about the USC here.