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RAGweek borrel

Have you ever wanted to see Roel change his hair yet again? Or have you had the urge for a few months to throw a pie at one of our board members? Do you want to see this or something else happen to support the RAGweek and are you not afraid tot get your dusty wallet out? You decide and pay, we deliver at the charity borrel! During the service auction there will be money raised for charity. Do you have a service or a good idea to raise money? Mail us at borrel@thalia.nu!

After the borrel you can head over to Doornroosje to party with the Olympians at the special Olympus lustrum beestfeest!

From 18 Apr, 2024, 16:00
Until 18 Apr, 2024, 21:00
Location Northcanteen
Organisers Borrel Committee "Ctrl+Alt+Delirium"

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