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Climate Fresk workshop

We do a Climate Fresk workshop. Climate Fresk is a three-hour workshop that teaches the basic science behind climate change and empowers participants to take action. In the first part of the workshop, participants gain insight into the complexity of climate change. In the second part, participants develop insight into the effects of climate change on themselves and the world around them, and possible and necessary actions to deal with climate change. The Climate Fresk workshop was developed in France, and is now taught worldwide - https://climatefresk.org/.

The workshop counts as a lunch lecture for the course Reflection & Vocational Orientation.


About the facilitator:

My name is Floor Verdenius. I work as a project manager on topics in the field of nature, forests, trees and climate. I am a climate coach at work for the Climate Conversations Foundation and Climate Fresk Facilitator. I have been concerned about climate change for years, and I see how difficult it is to change behavior. Motivated by my concerns about our (near) future, I hope to inspire people to make their own behavior and that of people around them climate-friendly.

From 8 Apr, 2024, 13:30
Until 8 Apr, 2024, 17:00
Location Mercator 1 00.028
Organisers Board 2023-2024

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Mercator 1 00.028