Open Thalia Party

It's been 2 years... But TKB still knows us, their floor still smells like beer and regret, our home-made Skittles wodka welcoming shots are still maturing, Stan is still spinning a fiery mixtape in the corner, and Thalia's chair still has to drop his pants at midnight... The OTP is back!

Since things are finally back to normal, we thought it's the perfect time to celebrate. Once again the OTP will be hosted at Thalia's favourite hangout, Café TweeKeerBellen. We made sure there will be very colorful welcome shots on entrance, and Thalia will be giving 200 free beers away over the evening. Make sure to arrive on time!

Don't forget that it's an open party, so do not be shy. Feel free to bring all your friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to this joyful experience.
Thalia's events committee hopes to see you Tuesday the 17th of May in the TKB with all your friends and family!

See you there!

From 17 May, 2022, 22:30
Until 18 May, 2022, 04:30
Location Café TweeKeerBellen
Organiser Events Committee
No registration required
Café TweeKeerBellen