Borrel at De Hemel

Dear Thalians,

It is time for another borrel at De Hemel! Just like previous editions, Thalia will provide you with a free round of drinks and some snacks, but it is still recommended to have some dinner beforehand.

This time, ordering your beers and freshs will go a little different than usual: we will use ThaliaPay! Orders will go through your favorite CAD members instead of the waiters, but don't worry, we'll make sure there are plenty of moments for you to order drinks throughout the borrel. To be able to use ThaliaPay, you need to enter your bank details in your Thalia account. Please do this beforehand since there will not be any other way for you to pay us during the borrel(no cash or card).

Some technical details:

-For safety we would appreciate it if you could do a self test beforehand (free via
-If you have any covid-related symptoms, you are not allowed to join the borrel
-All rules of the staff of De Hemel and the board have to be followed so that we can do this more often
-The reservation is from 18h till 22h, so we expect you to be there the whole time the event last
-We are testing ThaliaPay for the first time this borrel, so please bear with us for any incoveniences that might occur

From 29 Jul, 2021, 18:00
Until 29 Jul, 2021, 22:00
Location De Hemel
Organiser Borrel Committee "Ctrl+Alt+Delirium"
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De Hemel