Thalia RAG-Event (Stream)

Hey dear Thalia friends!

Due to the ‘rona we obviously lost the opportunity to do a physical RAG-borrel (Raise And Give) this year. But, luckily CAD and the EVC combined their efforts so you can still spend all your programmer-money on charity! We will somewhat yoink the ‘normal’ borrel format of earlier years, and cast it in this new streamlined online form! Nice.

The Event:

For the uninformed of the RAG ( event, which are probably the sjaars:

This evening is all about us raising money for two charities picked by RAG; ‘Right To Play’ and ‘Stichting The Dog Can Do The Wash’. Donations are encouraged mostly through initiatives, offered by members or committees. These initiatives often take the form of auctions of services/products for a singular highest bidder or a promise which will be kept after achieving a certain total amount of money raised. Everyone is free to offer these initiatives and we like to ask you to be as creative as possible, all in good fun. Offer to cook breakfast? Baking a cake? Shaving your hair off? Selling a sick chair? Or chickening out of a tattoo? It is all fine. We as organisations also thought about some other ways to raise money, but later more on that.

The Program:

We have to admit, the program is not set in stone yet. There are a lot of ideas floating around but together with you we will fill the evening with drinks, laughter, the funniest home videos and crying at goals we accomplish as an association.

To give you an idea what we are going to do:

A FTP small pubquiz;
Games requiring a small buy-in to participate (win those prizes bby);
Challenges you can do from home;
Live atmosphere impressions;
Incentives performed live;
D r i n k s.

Eventually we will publish a streaming schedule for everyone to see which activities start when. This makes it obvious when you have time to take a nap when our most boring activities start.

The First Step:

Remember earlier when we said we had other incentives of raising money? Here is our first; we ‘designed’ four buyable boxes, each with their own contents and possible privileges. Next to their contents you will gain access rights to premium or less premium discord channels to flex on others with your newly donated wealth. More information on these is found when pressing ‘sign-up’. Our committees will donate €5 for every box sold.

Not wanting to buy a box but still let us know you will support us on the evening itself? We'd like you to still register!

From April 15, 2021, 8 p.m.
Until April 15, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
Location Twitch
Organiser Events Committee
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