Lunch Lecture

With around 2.5 million visits per day, is the largest online shopping platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. The technical applications that our engineers, product owners, data scientists etc create have a direct impact on more than 10 million customers. They choose from over 20 million items during an inspiring and personal shopping experience. Technology and innovation are an essential part of culture and tech is in the DNA of every person.

That is why IT and business work closely together at Because we are in a complex and rapidly changing environment, we cannot work with one-size-fits-all solutions. We have the guts to take on our own projects and to use the right technology (whatever it is) for the right purpose (whatever this is). We believe in continuous improvement, because everything we do and every piece of code has a direct impact on the daily lives of our customers and partners.

This lunch meeting will be hosted by three software engineers (Nena O’Driscoll, Firoz Ansari & Nikos Niopas), who are part of the IT kick start program called Young Professionals. They will talk about some crazy numbers and facts, an interesting project they have worked on called "Data Guard Automation" and of course they'll talk about the Young Professionals program itself.

This lunch lecture will take place in Teams, the client of which can be downloaded at Alternatively, Teams can also be used from within Google Chrome. Link to the call:

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From 20 Apr, 2021, 12:15
Until 20 Apr, 2021, 13:15
Location Online
Organiser Partner Committee
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