Thalia Algorithm Programming Contest

You can still register, even though registration is closed on this website. Please send an email to


Do you like solving puzzles? Are you in for a competition? Then this event is made for you!

If you look at the Thalia calendar, you will see that on November 14th, the annual preliminaries for the BAPC, also known as the Nijmegen Algorithm Programming Contest, will take place again. To get you in the mood, we will be hosting the Thalia Algorithm Programming Contest for you. Grab a beer, order a pizza, close Steam and open PyCharm/IntelIJ and get coding!

How does it work?
If you know Crash&Compile: it's like that, but you have to write algorithms and you can crash to your own desire.

If you know about ACM/ICPC-style programming contests: it's that, but not 5 hours long and a bit easier. No hard problems, only easy ones that you want to solve as quickly as possible.

If you don't know about that, here's the idea. In teams of max. 3 people, you will be challenged to write algorithms to solve problems. You submit your code (we support C(++), Java, Python, but if you really want another language we can look into that too) to our system that will check its correctness. Be the first to solve the most problems, and win!

Normally you wouldn't be allowed to use the internet and you could only use 1 computer for your team. We don't do that here, you can just use your own system, preferred IDE and of course Stackoverflow...

How difficult is this contest?
Not hard at all. For example, first year students who are only just having experience with Imperative Programming, should be able to participate! We will even provide you with a short 'getting started' manual. But if you're a more advanced programmer, we'll make sure this contest is fun too! Please submit your programming experience while registering so we know what to expect.
The idea is that the focus is more on submitting solutions quickly rather than solving hard problems.

But corona?
That's why this event will take place offline in a Discord server we will create so you can communicate with your teammates.

No teammate?
No problem. It is also allowed to participate alone or in pairs. Or you can send us an email and we can try to match people that don't have teammates either.


If you enjoyed this programming contest, you can also register for the Nijmegen Algorithm Programming Contest on November 14th!


How will this work?

About a day before the start of the contest, you will get access to the contest environment. Here you can start getting used to how things exactly work: how to submit solutions and such. There will be some sample problems for you to experiment with so you can make sure you have your favorite IDE installed and everything is ideally set up for you, so that you are ready when the real contest starts at 19:30 sharp. Afterwards, there will be a quick award ceremony in the Discord.


Do I need to study Computing Science?
If you want to register as an outsider, please send an email to


This event, and the Nijmegen Algorithm Programming Contest, is sponsored by the new Logitech Master Series MX!

From Nov. 4, 2020, 7:30 p.m.
Until Nov. 4, 2020, 10:30 p.m.
Location In your own room and on Discord
Organiser BAPCie
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In your own room and on Discord