Lustrum Almanac pick-up

You can pick up your almanac at Mercator 1! Please reserve a timeslot via

If you are not able to come pick up the almanac, please send a message to

If you didn't order an almanac, but are suffering from severe regrets, we have good news for you! We still have a few issues left!





It is time for a birthday party! Thalia is turning 30 on November 7th, and that means that means we are going to celebrate! Part of this birthday party is that Thalia is publishing a beautiful book on what the association was like in the past five years. What were the best events? What has changed within Thalia? What did Thalia do over these last five years? These questions and more will be answered in this 250+ page book published by the almanac committee.

Because we can imagine you might have some questions about the almanac, here are some answers.

How much will it cost?
It will be €10. This will give you more than 250+ pages on Thalia and the study program of CS in the last few years.

When do we get the almanac?
We hope to be able to give it to you on the dies (Nov 7th), but that depends on the corona situation. We will keep you informed on this.

I am not available at November 7th. Can I still order an almanac?
Yes, definitely! We will arrange other pickup moments in any case.

Why are you using the event form on the website for something that is not an event?
Because we lazy and didn't want to setup something else when this was available.

Why would I want to order an almanac?
The almanac basically serves two purposes. First of all, it's a time capsule like thing where you can see what the association was like during your studies. Second, for new students, it is a way of learning about Thalia and the university (though we also think that older students will be able to learn something from it; we at least did learn many new fun facts during the making of the almanac).
Besides these more practical things, we as the almanac committee spent almost a year on making this book. That means it has a lot of 'original content' (meaning, content made by us), more than you'd normally find in other almanacs (for the people familiar with those). We also firmly believe the book is very pretty, and it has a lot of nice images to stare at.

If there are any other questions, contact the almanac committee at

TLDR: click on "register" to order an almanac. It will cost €10.

From Dec. 11, 2020, 11:45 a.m.
Until Dec. 11, 2020, 1:45 p.m.
Location Mercator 1
Organiser Almanac Committee
Price €10.00
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Mercator 1