Online escaperoom

Update: the Discord link has been sent to the attendees via email!

Will you escape Google Drive? Take up this challenge!

We all know exam weeks are coming up (sorry for mentioning them), and we figured you could all use some relaxation after your exams, or maybe to take your mind off your deadlines for an hour or two. So, we offer you an online escaperoom!

In teams of 3-5, you can join this challenge. On this evening, you will get a small explanation of one of us, and then get access to a Google Drive, in which you will encounter all sorts of puzzles and problems. Got stuck? No problem, we can give you hints!

To make this evening as smooth as possible, we will set up a Discord. You will get the link to this soon-ish!

And the best part? We have a price for the fastes team!

So, find 2 to 4 friends, come up with an awesome teamname, and register with this team name! (every team member has to register!)

Yours truly,

The non-official-online-escaperoom-committee


PS, this is the same online escaperoom as used at other beta associations of our faculty, so if you joined it at another association, you can't join ours sadly enough :(

PPS, still in doubt? Read the reviews below!


Jorrit gives: 5/7

Yeah, was definitely awesome. Too bad that we couldn't high five eachother when we were finished after this nerve-wrecking challenge.


Kimberley gives: 3/pi

It almost felt like I really was in an actual escaperoom!


Nienke gives: 37/42

I wish I could forget all the solutions and do it again!


Tim gives: awesome/terrific

Very awesome that you can get such an experience when just sitting on your couch!

From July 1, 2020, 7 p.m.
Until July 1, 2020, 9 p.m.
Location Discord (link will follow)
Organiser Board 2019-2020
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Discord (link will follow)