CognAC: Symposium Artificial Intelligence "Safety and AI"

With Artificial Intelligence being an especially hot topic these days, one might often come across articles putting negative light on it. From AI “stealing” our jobs to causing the fourth industrial revolution, you might start wondering, can AI actually help us protect ourselves and what are the applications of AI in the safety domain?

This year’s theme of ACAIS, CognAC’s annual symposium in Artificial Intelligence, is “Safety and AI”.  From security in warfare to cryptography, the wide spectra of topics covered in this year’s symposium will make you see AI in a new and refreshing light.

The event will take place on Wednesday May 22nd in De Kolpinghuis, a beautiful venue in the center of Nijmegen. Regardless of whether you are a CognAC member or not, a professional in the field or a curious mind seeking to expand their knowledge, everyone is welcome to attend! Enrollment opens on the 16th of April, at 12:00. There is a limited amount of spots, so make sure to get your ticket fast at!

Lunch and tea/coffee are included in the price.

From May 22, 2019, 10 a.m.
Until May 22, 2019, 5 p.m.
Location Kolpinghuis, Nijmegen
Organiser Board 2018-2019
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Kolpinghuis, Nijmegen