GM about study trip

During the last general meeting (17-09-2018) we made an announcement about the budget of the Seoul study trip which we did not discuss. We promised to discuss it at the next general meeting when we had more information. This general meeting was planned to take place in November. In the mean time, we and the study trip committee have been busy with considering the many options for especially the flight to Seoul.

Some days ago however, we suddenly received a good offer for flight tickets, which is far better than the offers we received so far. The problem with this offer is that it has an expiration date.

According to our Articles of Association article 16.5, the board needs to have explicit consent by the General Meeting to conduct legal transactions above 5000 euros. Normally, this is done via an email to all members for which there is a period of 14 days to make any objections. For this offer however, this is not quick enough. Therefore, after also contacting the advisory committee for advice, we convoke the General Meeting (which is allowed to be done 7 days in advance). This extra extra general meeting will take place on Monday the 15th of October, 10:30 am. We will have this gm in the morning, because the offer for the flight tickets has an expiration date, so we can respond to the offer that same afternoon.
The location of the GM is not known yet, but will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Note that we will not be discussing any minutes or other agenda points during this gm. We will only discuss and vote for the expenses for flight tickets for the Seoul study trip. There are also no documents yet for this gm. More information about the exact offer will be sent to you as soon as we receive it.

The exact prices for the tickets are still unknown, but will be known by the time of the gm. The price will probably be around 660-700 euros per ticket, which results in about 21.000 euros total for the flight tickets, 30% of which has to be down paid.

We hope to see you at the general meeting.


You can authorize other members by sending an email to

From Oct. 15, 2018, 10:30 a.m.
Until Oct. 15, 2018, noon
Location HFML0220
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