Study day

The first exam week of this year (or of your study, even) is coming up! Are you starting to display study evasive behaviour, and/or are you already feeling anxious for the exams or poor performance? Or are you convinced you can help your fellow students to pass that one difficult course? Come visit Thalia's first study day!

Thalia will arrange a room, coffee, tea, juice, cookies and lunch so you can spend the entire day together, struggling with tough mathematical calculations and understanding the difference between for and while loops. You could also consider asking questions to others who follow the same course or already passed it.

You can join and leave whenever you want, and everyone is welcome to come, so hopefully we will see you on the 25th of October in Mercator 1 00.28 to try evading our study evasive behaviour together!

There will be student assistents that can help you with Matrix Calculation, Mathematical Structures, Information Modeling and Imperative Programming. 

From Oct. 25, 2018, 9 a.m.
Until Oct. 25, 2018, 4 p.m.
Location Mercator 1 00.28
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Mercator 1 00.28