Thalia Weekend

The Thalia Weekend is back! During the Thalia Weekend, we will be travelling to Alphen where we will spend the weekend with a lot of nice people! During the weekend, there will be a nice activity programme, so you will not be bored! There will be enough food and drinks for everyone (they are included in the price!), and we will just be having a huge amount of fun.

The theme for this year's weekend is Disney. Dress up as your favorite Disney princess or villain and who knows, maybe you'll win an anytimer on some weekendcie members...

From 2 Jun, 2023, 13:00
Until 4 Jun, 2023, 13:00
Location Looneind 6, Alphen
Organisers Weekend Committee
Price €55.00

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Photos Thalia Weekend Day 1 Thalia Weekend Day 2
Looneind 6, Alphen