With this ticket you do NOT automatically get a +1 for the gala. To get a ticket for your date, please register for the event '+1 Ticket | FNWI Gala'. Note that the tickets need to be picked up physically in the board room. You can come by during the breaks, or whenever you see one of us present.

So for clarity:

  • You want to go on your own, so 1 ticket -> register only for this event
  • You want to go with a +1, so 2 tickets -> register for both this event and the +1 event

Roughly 2 more weeks until the next edition of the Beta gala takes place. Put on your fanciest outfit and party away the exams!

Since it takes place the 31st of January, and since that is in the middle of winter, this years theme is “Winter Ball”. The gala will take place from 20:00 until 02:00 in Goffert stadium. The doors close at 22:00, so make sure to be inside before then. Tickets will cost you €14,50. 

This year's gala will have a wardrobe to store all your belongings and give you the opportunity to buy plenty of snacks, to go with your drinks.


From 31 Jan, 2023, 20:00
Until 1 Feb, 2023, 02:00
Location Goffertstadion
Organisers Board 2022-2023
Price €14.50

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