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BlueConic is the market-leading pure-play customer data platform
As employees, we share a collective passion and set of values that
define our culture and empower us to make an outsized impact every
day. As a company, we strive to deliver a differentiated, best-in-class
customer experience defined by expertise, partnership, and empathy.


Liberate data, transform customer relationships, and unleash growth.
Leading companies use BlueConic to transform the way their business
teams understand and interact with customers in the privacy-first era. By
making unified, actionable, and consented first-party data accessible
across systems of customer insight and activation in real-time, business
teams can deliver timely, personalized cross-channel interactions and
drive positive outcomes from their strategic growth initiatives.


The Dream Backstory
Before BlueConic articulated a set of core values, we had the Dream: a
weekly presentation by employees about themselves, why they worked
here, and what they do. It started as a way for our group of American
and Dutch strangers to get to know each other and, although this has
evolved over the years, the sharing the opportunity to share our stories
remains a cultural pillar for the BlueCrew.

From these seeds, we defined what Building the Dream means to us: “A
collective passion, ethic, vision, and set of values channeled by a group
to achieve a common goal of being extraordinary."

Career development @BlueConic
Our commitment to innovation thrives on fresh ideas and diverse
perspectives, which is why we take pride in fostering a multicultural team
of employees.
We're dedicated to nurturing your growth providing the support and
guidance you need to take creative risks and embrace experimentation.

Be part of our team!
The BlueCrew distinguishes itself by and aligning to a set of core values.
These values provide the basis of our culture, a framework for use in
evaluating job candidates and employee performance, and an outline of
behaviors that are expected from all BlueCrew members.

To join the BlueCrew is to:

  • Enjoy hard work and seek out a challenge.
  • Care deeply about your colleagues, the mission, and your results.
  • Draw energy from the task at hand and radiate it to motivate the people around you.
  • Have amazing ideas and be able to bring them to fruition.
  • Prioritize hustle over title and results over resumes.
  • Balance the pragmatic and systematic, repeatability and opportunism.
  • Refuse to compromise on quality, honesty, or dedication.
  • Insist on the highest caliber deliverables, especially when sharing externally, even when it seems excessive or nit-picky.


Embark on Your Journey to Success in Data Science

Are you currently pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science and looking to take the next step in your data science journey? Our Graduate Program in Data Science offers you a range of compelling opportunities, as well as dedicated guidance from start to finish.

About Us

The BlueConic Data Science team is responsible for helping our clients get more out of their customer data, for example, by training custom machine learning models. Working with the data of some of the biggest brands in the world brings a lot of interesting challenges and allows us to use a broad range of different data science techniques.

About the internship

We offer Data Science, Computer Science or AI students the possibility to do a research internship or thesis project (as part of the Master curriculum) on an internal project at the Data Science team here at BlueConic. 

Subjects we are interested in include:

  • Similarity search techniques for probabilistic matching.
  • Contextual multi-arm bandit algorithms.
  • Clustering algorithms to discover interesting segments.
  • Causal inference / uplift modelling algorithms to improve targeting ROI.
  • Predicting customer intent (e.g. likelihood to buy) from on-site behavior.
  • Bayesian methods (e.g., improved CLV models)

While the above ideas should give you an impression of the various avenues we’re looking to explore, we are always happy to discuss other ideas as well!

 You will be a great fit if you

  • Are studying Data Science, AI, Computer Science, Informatics, or related (university or hbo).
  • Have experience with Python and Python Data Science libraries like Scikit-learn.
  • Embody BlueConic's values in spades: Grit. Humility. Collaboration. Intellectual curiosity. Passion. Accountability.
  • Are eager to support the creation of the best marketing technology product in the world.
  • Don’t ever think ‘good enough’ is good enough.

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