Spikeball Guild

Spikeball Guild


Have you ever seen 4 people standing around a small trampoline on the beach? Did you ask yourself ”What the F are they doing”? If you have, we can finally provide an answer for you!

Join us for a game of Spikeball! Spikeball (or roundnet) is a simple game that is played with four people, a ball and a round net. It may sound dull, but trust me, it is really fun! Just have a little look on YouTube, although it is more fun to play yourself of course.

It does not matter if you never heard of the sport or if you already participated in the world championship, this society is for you! Then, maybe one day you will be one of the 4 mysterious people around a small trampoline on the beach!

Entered trial period on 05-09-2023.

Contact email address: spikeball@thalia.nu