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Quintor is a leading player in the fields of Agile software development and enterprise Java / .Net technology in Holland. Since its foundation in the year 2005, Quintor has been growing steadily. From our locations in Groningen, Amersfoort and The Hague, we provide support to our customers in facing the challenges that large-scale enterprise projects entail. Quintor has a software factory at its disposal, from which in-house projects are carried out. 

To our enterprise customers, we provide services in the field of software development processes (Agile/Scrum), information analysis, software factories, automated testing, software development and enterprise architecture. Quintor provides full Agile development teams consisting of analysts, architects and developers. Currently, over 90 servers are managed in Quintor's professional data center.

Our focus is to make High performing systems that satisfy our customers. Furthermore, we spend a lot of time sharing knowledge. We offer starters a Young Professional Program which is focused on the Java stack, the .NET stack, Front-end development and Platform Engineering.

Quintor’s biggest customers are in the financial sector (AEGON, ING, Rabobank), public sector (CJIB, DUO, CBS and EZ), utilities (Gasunie, Gasterra, Essent and Enexis) and telecom (KPN).